The Odd-story

The Oddlings Game Club (OGC) NFT Collections are based on characters created for the mobile video game “Oddlings” by Serious Props game studio, founded in 2016 by Kory Fluckiger (K.Fluke) and John Rubin.  The very first Oddlings character (“Cubee”) was a bright pink square on a black background that you could shoot from cube to cube.  It has since evolved into a beautiful, vertical platformer for Android and iOS.  The Beta game is playable by signing up through our Discord, and the full game is launching live in the App Stores in early 2023.

The OGC Genesis Collection 555 is sold-out and the OGC Main Collection 5555 is dropping when the game is LIVE.  Both collections are all hand-drawn Oddlings characters that are completely unique and procedurally composed characters with fun accessories and rare traits.  Read more to learn about our unique roadmap and all the benefits of being a member of this game club!




  • Beta testing: Exclusive access to Oddlings video game
  • Win ETH and Special NFTs through game contests/tournaments
  • Genesis 555 Collection dropped (sold out)
  • Oddlings mobile game launched when Main Collection drops

LAUNCH (Main Collection)

  • 25% – $25k to community management and game launch
  • 50% – $50k to marketing Oddlings mobile game
  • 75% – $100k to marketing Oddlings mobile game

100% Sold Out – Main Collection

  • $25k to develop Oddlings Sandbox land/game
  • $75k to develop Oddlings Pinball game
  • Free Oddlets NFTs air dropped (baby Oddlings)
  • DAO/Community wallet for game club members


  • Oddlings game LIVE (DAO: 10% profits)
  • Launch Oddlings in The Sandbox (DAO: 25% profits – Genesis holders)
  • Launch “Oddlings Pinball” video game (DAO: 10% profit)
  • Develop “Space Arcade” Metaverse – NFT arcade games for holders

Benefits / Utility

After sell-out, through our game studio we will be developing additional arcade games (hint: Want to have your own “Space Arcade” Metaverse room to hang with your friends and compete to win NFTs and crypto in fun arcade games!

Oddlings Original Mobile Game

Present Utility: 10% of net profits from the Oddlings mobile video game (already built) go straight to the OGC DAO for distribution by game club member voting.

Exclusive Oddlings Game Access

Future Utility: 10% of net profits from Oddlings Pinball video game (NFT game?) to the OGC DAO for distribution by game club member voting.

Oddlings in the Metaverse

Future Utility: 25% of net profits generated by the Oddlings game in The Sandbox Game (we already own LAND) go to the OGC DAO for distribution by game club member voting.

AirDrop Oddlings Babies – “Oddlets”

Limited collection of “Oddlings Babies” NFTs airdropped (free) to OGC members holding at least 10 OGC NFTs (in each of Genesis and Main Collections).

You might just get a rare baby Oddlet!

Metaverse Merchandise

Game club members that play in The Sandbox Game will get a FREE Oddlings wearable NFT to show off.

Raffles & Contests

After sell out of each of the Genesis and Main Collections, come play and compete in regular Oddlings game contests to win prizes such as ETH and NFTs! Sign up through Discord.

Community DAO

Our game studio, Serious Props, will develop a series of games on mobile devices and in Web3 for the benefit of the OGC DAO! (stay tuned for details)

The Oddlings Game Club Team

Founders and Support Team

We deliver kick-ass art, video games, and NFTs Collections for the $benefit$ of all OGC members.  The art and the video game speaks for itself.  Check it out today through Discord!

OG Contributors


When is the Official Launch?2022-09-08T17:51:59-07:00

We are launching the main (5555) collection in conjunction with the launch of the mobile game in Q4 2022!  Make sure to join our Discord, and follow us on Twitter, YouTube and IG for official dates and communications.

How do I get Whitelisted?2022-09-08T17:50:36-07:00

You’ll get whitelisted by participating and engaging with us on Discord, Instagram and Twitter.  See more details on our official Discord server.  

How many OGC NFTs are there?2022-09-08T17:50:30-07:00

The collection has only 5555 nfts available to mint, with a genesis of 555.  They have been designed with traits with the following rarity levels:

Common: 55%

Rare: 25%

Epic: 14%

Legendary: 5%

Ethereal: 1%

How do I become an OGC member to get passive income forever?2022-09-08T17:50:23-07:00
  1. Our “official links” from Discord is the ONLY place to get connected and become an OGC member.  You’ll mint your NFTs with Ethereum (ETH) by using your MetaMask extension through our website when public sale begins.  Once minted, your NFTs will appear on the OpenSea marketplace and in your Metamask.  To set up your metamask, see here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Af_lQ1zUnoM To set up OpenSea, see here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3c4cqnJBiJg!  
  2. If you want to get ahead of the game, check out The SandBox Game here https://www.sandbox.game/en/ and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKS40dguyuo and here 
Where do I find Official Links?2022-09-08T17:50:04-07:00

The Discord server has an Official Links Channel and this website includes our official links.  There are tons of scammers out here!  Protect yourself and your Wallet by only using our official links.  Once verified on Discord, we will NEVER DM you.  Ever.  Period.  All DMs are a scam.

I’m an artists, so how do I get support to launch my NFT collection?2022-09-08T17:50:15-07:00

You must be a member of our Discord (easy), reach Level 5 (easy), and then visit here for to apply officially (easy). 

Are you going to buy land in the Metaverse?2022-09-08T17:49:25-07:00

We ALREADY own 1×1 plot of LAND in The Sandbox Game for development of an Oddlings Sandbox game. After sell-out of the collection, we will be expanding the Oddlings virtual LAND to a 3×3 plot for a massive, epic Oddlings game quest for anyone to pay-to-play to enhance the OGC community and generate passive income through your OGC membership (25% of profits from Sandbox gameplay go to the OGC DAO).

Are you going to develop a game featuring the Oddlings characters?2022-09-08T17:49:53-07:00

We already have a video game that is in Beta (designed, developed, testing and ready for launch) by Serious Props games studio.  Check out our Twitter and YouTube channel here for videos of game play.  We can’t disclose many more details now due to confidentiality reasons, but we are in preparation to launch the game with a major game and entertainment publisher!  Stay tuned for this ride together!

I’ve heard about “rug pulls”, so how can we feel confident in this project and its longevity?2022-09-08T17:49:45-07:00

All of the NFTs are already created by K.Fluke.  As you can see by our dedicated team, long-term roadmap and game studio, we live and die by the Oddlings video game and IP, and so we’re fully committed to this NFT collection project and the other Oddlings projects to come.  The OGC NFT project is brought to you buy Dorado Technologies LLC in Seattle, and in partnership with Serious Props Games in Salt Lake City and with support from Arrowz LLC.  We provide full transparency into our team and organizations.


As OGC members of a DOA, you get full transparency in every aspect of the DAO (wallet, voting, decisions, ETH transfers, assets, royalty payments, etc.).  You can see that we are building awesome video games and planning for epic Metaverse games and experiences while building long-term wealth by virtue of being an OGC member.

For just a small minting price to get the community going, holding onto your OGC membership in the long-term can provide massive benefits and returns $$$ from the Oddlings video games revenue, forever!

Instagram and Twitter.  See more details on our official Discord server.  


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